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Frequently asked questions

Our mission is to change the way how borrowers and financiers (i.e Lending companies, Banks, NBFC’s) interact & transact. Our goal is to provide access to all types of loans at insight competitive interest rates from Financiers to Borrowers with high transparency of communication whereas we are the only mediator to them.

We offer loans of all primary categories which is Personal, Business, Home, Car, Bike, Education, Mortgage & Gold. Eventually you can apply for Personal Loan for any another needs such as Travelling, Shopping and Medical, etc. Collateral loans on Property & Security are covered in Mortgage.

The rate of interest is decided by the respective Bank or NBFC which will process your application after verification from our Authorised Loanagent Partner. You can negotiate or ask the Loanagent Partner to try another Banks and NBFC if the ROI is not according to your expectations!

Their is no such limitations for the borrower for adding loans but you have limited space allocated for chatting and document uploading. Borrower should have to wait for the loans to process organically because we process your loan applications from third party banks and NBFC and not in house by Loanagent which takes time.

Documents demanded are dependent on Bank & NBFC. Normally we take your KYC and CIBIL report. Additional documents are demanded according your borrower & loan category under the respective Bank / NBFC policy.

The process if loan approval is completely dependent on Bank and NBFC. If the documents are clear with positive CIBIL Score then the loan processing may take maximum a week or within. Depending on multiple criteria the turn around time varies.

With the help of App you can check all the loan processing status starting form Call verification until disbursement. You will receive Notification for each progress of Loan proposal from Loanagent Authorised Partner Nearby you!

Sharing documents at Loanagent is complete Safety. You can share your KYC, Salary Slips, Bank Statements, ITR and more and use the App as a Locker to safeguard your documents at once place. Documents can be shared via Chat or Upload Section.

According to RBI Guidelines CIBIL is mandatory to check before processing the loan for any Financial Institution, Bank or NBFC. But we have made a provision that you can first reach to the Professionals nearby you and understand your loan possibilities and then process for CIBIL. Checking CIBIL at multiple apps reduces the Credit Score. You can add the CIBIL score after loan adding.

If you wish to Cancel or Complete the loan its very easy. Simply login to your App or Web Portal and change the status from In Progress to Completed. Your loan application will be cancelled.

Within the app you can easily change the Loan amount and purpose from Loans List section. Click on the loan ID and change the loan amount from the details. To edit and update the profile you can go to More and Edit Profile Section.

To maintain the Platform we have certain investment and maintenance and accordingly we are charging you for the same. Loanagent app is completely ads free so Advertisement is not the source of our income. Processing fees we are charging is shared with the Authorised Loanagent Partner who professionally consults and process your loan application. Our Authorised Loanagent Partner does not charge you any additional charges as Loan Commission.

When you share the app with 5 Loan Seekers and ask them to add loan then you receive a cash back of rupees 100/-. You cannot ask for Cash back until 5 loans are not added using your referral code. Referral code us available under more section in app.

If you failed to make the payment for processing fees then your loan profile is rejected and your loan status will be marked to rejected from Loanagent Partner.

No, Loanagent does not charge you any hidden charges. When it comes to CIBIL Score Verification. Either you can take it from CIBIL or you can ask us to get it done (CIBIL Score Verification Standard charges applicable)

Loanagent does not offer any refund for processing fees.

You can easily add multiple loans from the same login when you wish to add for multiple categories. Login to your Dashboard and process the loan ahead. Loan will be allocated nearby to you according to the Loan Type. Example: Personal Loans are allocated to specific partners and educational loans are allocated to different partners.

Borrowers from India with age group of 18 to 60 which are Salaried / Self Employed and Genuinely need loan or business services / financial services can Register for Free.

We help you to get professional pre-loan consulting with loan processing & financial services nearby you from our Certified Loanagent Partners who are registered with all types of Banks, NBFCs & Finance Companies. Our Partners will help you to get loan on Call & Chat even if you don’t have CIBIL Score & you can also share the documents from Loanagent App securely.

Loanagent Partners are the one who has experience of Loan Processing and expertise of Finance consulting. Usually we prefer CA or Tax, Finance Consultants. It is also necessary that the Partner must not have any DSA limitations to process the loan from any specific Bank or NBFC. He needs to be flexible to help Loanagent Borrowers for processing loans from any possible sources nearby him.